Slow Cooker Sunday (and Meatless Monday) ~ Stuffed Tomatoes

tomatoes final

Today was an absolutely GLORIOUS day with beautiful sunshine and breakfast with my gal pals. It was so nice to catch up over a delicious meal and coffee. Funny thing was that we saw a number of people that we all knew while we were dining……once again, Newcastle is not 6 degrees of separation but […]

Meatless Monday ~ “Cream” of Tomato Basil Soup

tomato cu 1

We’ve been having a wonderful time with my parents and yesterday we took a trip to Manly Wharf to have lunch, catch the ferry, and then wander around the Rocks.  We had such a fantastic day but I am spending every moment I can with my family so the posts will be short and sweet […]

I’m a reformed Ragu-er…..

pasta sauce final

I can’t remember eating a lot of pasta as a kid.   I’m sure we did, but it just doesn’t stick in my mind.   What does stick in my mind is going to a friend’s house and they had a pantry stocked full of Ragu jarred pasta sauce.   In my adult life, I’ve […]