Fish on Friday (and yes I know it’s Saturday haha!) ~ Crispy Skin Barramundi!!

barra  cu final

Fish on Friday  ~ Crispy Skin Barramundi!! Like all good Catholics (uh-hum, clearing my throat), we like to have Fish on Fridays sometimes……or burgers, or hot dogs, whatever When we were in Noosa, I ate my fair share of crisy skinned Barra and, while this doesn’t hold a candle to the pan seared version, it […]

Fake Out Take Out ~ Rainbow Prawns with Table of Plenty Lemon & Herb Dukkah {WIN a Nescafe Piccolini Coffee Machine!!!}

Rainbow prawns final

Fake Out Take Out ~ Rainbow Prawns with Table of Plenty Lemon & Herb Dukkah {WIN a Nescafe Piccolini Coffee Machine!!!}   Fridays……I TGI them! Even though this has been a short work week, it seemed to be EXTRA busy and I often am just exhausted at the end of the week. Roy loves a […]

Slow Cooker Sunday ~ Slow Cooker Chicken Chow Mein

CHicken chow mein cu final 2

Do you have ONE MEAL that you always order? My dear hubby seems to order the same thing from Chinese restaurants in every one we have visited, except one because there is some sizzling dish he raves about that I can never remember. Similarly, he always orders lasagne at Italian restaurants and we used to […]

Slow Cooker Sunday ~ Asian Chicken

asian chicken final

Today the dancing daughter and I went for an entire girlie day in Sydney. We had a WONDERFUL time and will share our adventures soon. For now, however, enjoy this super easy recipe that you’ll love to come home to with minimal fuss. But can someone PLEASE tell me how a meal/recipe can put a […]

Slow Cooker Sunday ~ Curried Chicken

curry chicken  cu final

Yes, I’m still here!!! Yesterday I had a GREAT weekend breakfast recipe to share with you that I gobbled up and it was delicious. However, I didn’t get here yesterday to write or to share the recipe so I’ll save it until next Saturday for you. There are four reasons I didn’t get here yesterday. […]

Fake Out Takeout ~ Cashew Chicken

cashew chicken final

By the time Friday rolls around I am generally to tired to lift a pan to cook dinner. It’s the end of the week, everyone is tired *and* famished, and we need a quick and easy meal to feed the masses that appear at our house each weekend. Friday is also one of those rare […]

Mid Week Makeover ~ Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowl

thai final

Don’t forget the slow cooker giveaway!!! Details at the bottom of he post I think my team has been watching too much My Kitchen Rules  I haven’t watched it, not because I didn’t want to, but because channel 7 programs don’t load quickly enough for me online and it drives me mental when it takes […]

Mid Week Makeover ~ Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

rice paper final

Lenten update ~ Today I baked a batch of Oreo brownies and chocolate chip blondies for one of my stand out work teams!  Despite very trying times in our organisation, this is the small way I can let them know I personally value their contribution even if they feel like the organisation does not acknowledge their […]

Meatless Monday for Chinese New Year~ Son in Law Eggs

sil eggs cu final

When the six foot teenager was younger, in preschool and in the first few years of “big school”, he loved to watch cooking shows.  It was highly amusing since, at that time, my idea of cooking was heating up Latina pasta in the microwave with jarred sauce!  Still, he loved those shows and it was […]

Happy Chinese New Year Slow Cooker Sunday ~ Chicken Lettuce Wraps

lettuce wraps cu final

Happy Chinese New Year! I love all the theatrics and colour that goes along with the events surrounding Chinese New Year and even though we won’t be joining in the festivities in Sydney, we can still celebrate with a delicious Chinese meal at home. Yesterday my friend referred to Chinese meals, usually on a lazy […]