~ Mid-Week Mayhem meal!


~ Mid-Week Mayhem meal!  Wednesday, again!  The mid-week does not only seem to ensure an energy slump but also a bit of a panic to get something on the table!  I’ve been hanging on making corn cakes, but, corn is definitely not on my Salicylate friendly list and, rather than risk it, I decided to […]

~Mid Week Makeover ~John Wayne Casserole!


~Mid Week Makeover ~John Wayne Casserole!   WOW look at me posting 5 days in a row!  Despite feeling ultra-disorganised this week, I guess I had it more together than I thought.  I have had a horrible migraine, though, that the Migrastick wouldn’t budge, unfortunately.  Thank goodness I had pre-prepared some cooked mince in the […]

~ Mid Week Makeover and Throwback Thursday ~ Cheesy Manwich Burgers!


~ Mid Week Makeover and Throwback Thursday ~ Cheesy Manwich Burgers! I seriously debated calling this post Mid Week Mayhem!  Things have been really busy at our house and the Dancing Daughter has her first professional driving lesson this afternoon.  We’ve spent quite a few hours in the car over the last couple of weeks […]

~Mid-Week Makeover ~Broccoli Mac & Cheese Frittata!


~Mid-Week Makeover ~Broccoli Mac & Cheese Frittata! Well, we’ve come to that pointy end of the week again when I’m fossicking around the kitchen looking for something to make for dinner that is quick, easy, and can use up any leftovers.  Guess what, no leftovers!!!  But something from the freezer to remake is just as […]

~ Mid Week Meal ~Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner!


Mid Week Meal ~Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner! I’m really struggling with motivation for any type of food at the moment….although I seemed to have a huge session in the kitchen after work yesterday even though my sciatic is killing me and I wanted to cry by the time I went to bed. Still, all the […]

~Mid Week Makeover ~Meatball Sub Casserole!


~Mid Week Makeover ~Meatball Sub Casserole! It’s mid-week AGAIN and, while I had all intention of getting here yesterday to give you a Road Test Tuesday review (yum), yesterday was the Dancing Daughter’s year 10 formal and we were busy from daybreak until well and truly past sunset. My little girl looked so incredibly beautiful […]

~Mid Week Makeover ~Greek Yogurt Chicken!


~Mid Week Makeover ~Greek Yogurt Chicken! It’s actually past mid-week but I’m trying to catch up and not serve you something sweet AGAIN. I’ve had 2 birthday cakes to do for ballet tonight and after a big sugar hit I’m in need of some real food and not just white chocolate! Once again I have […]

~Salad Summer Days ~Broccoli Grape Harvest Salad!


~Salad Summer Days ~Broccoli Grape Harvest  Salad! Can it really have been a week since I said I was taking my foot off the pedal? I didn’t get to share with you at all last week as it was simply insane. A few days away for work and two weeks of large deadlines left me […]

Mid Week Makeover ~ Grandad’s Mince Cream Gravy!

hamburger gravy cu final

Mid Week Makeover ~ Grandad’s Mince Cream Gravy! Remember when I made chipped beef and my family thought it was SOOO good? I wasn’t eating meat then but when we started talking about comfort foods I immediately thought of a quick mid week menu of mince gravy (or hamburger gravy as we would have called […]

~ Mid Week Makeover ~ Rigatoni Pie and WINNER of the EasiYo giveaway!

rigatoni  final2

~ Mid Week Makeover ~ Rigatoni Pie and WINNER of the EasiYo giveaway! So I’ve shared with you many times my love of cooking up chicken and storing in the freezer until needed for those quick fix dishes.  But last weekend I cooked up some bolognaise and stored it flat in the freezer in a […]