~Throwback Thursday & Faux Foodie Friday ~Worms in Dirt!!!! (GIVEAWAY!!)


~Throwback Thursday & Faux Foodie Friday ~Worms in Dirt!!!! (GIVEAWAY!!) I think I’ll go eat worms…..remember the old school song?  What about a cupcake instead?  So throwback to your childhood but do it the faux foodie way with only 6 steps. 1  Make gluten free cupcakes from a box following instructions 2 crush up some […]

Throwback Thursday/Fudgey and Faux Foodie Friday ~Heartbreak Brownies!!!


Throwback Thursday/Fudgey and Faux Foodie Friday ~ Heartbreak Brownies! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.  How glad are we that it is FRIDAY?!  I am certainly happy because this week has been cray cray crazy and the weekend is set to be the same.  BUT at least I can be crazy in my yoga pants […]

~Sugar Free Sunday and Make it Yourself Monday ~Sugar Free Raw Chocolate!!!


~Sugar Free Sunday and Make it Yourself Monday ~Sugar Free Raw Chocolate!!! Welcome to Monday everyone.  I’m sorry I wasn’t around on the weekend but time sure flies when you’re having fun.  That’s why I thought I would share with you a Sugar Free Sunday recipe that you can actually Make it Yourself for Monday, […]

~Fudgey Friday!


~Fudgey Friday! See this? It comes from the same makers of my new favourite chocolate that I used in the Coconut Oil Brownies, Loving Earth I would LOVE ♥ to share with you a fabulous recipe using the above Coconut Chocolate Butter, but I can’t.  Sorry! But because I want to make sure I please you all, […]

~ Throwback Thursday and Fudgey Friday ~Holy Sheet Cake!


~ Throwback Thursday  ~Holy Sheet Cake! A six day posting streak! Sorry it’s a bit late but ballet took precedence tonight!  But trust me, this one is totally worth the wait! Remember when I talked to you about school lunch and how exciting it was to pour over those menus?  The best days revolved around […]

~Joyfulness, Weekend Breakfast, Sugar Free Saturday!


~Joyfulness, Weekend Breakfast, Sugar Free Saturday! Today is my wonderful husband’s (un) Birthday.  Poor darling  is a Leap Year  Baby so we generally celebrate both the 28th and the 1st on the years that he doesn’t actually turn a year older.  Funnily enough, he decided not to go to regular Saturday golf, and on his […]

~ Friday FAIL!!!


Friday FAIL!!! This week has just gotten away from me so I’ll apologise for not being here.  Tonight though, I’m sharing what I was attempting tonight.  Chocolate muffins.  I’ve made them a hundred times.  Tonight they were a FAIL hahahaa Sorry, kids, toast for breakfast

~Happy Valentine’s Day!! Red Velvet Fudge Bites!!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Red Velvet Fudge Bites! I hope everyone had a wonderful and love filled day today ♥   I not only had a lovely day but came home from some errands to find these BEAUTIFUL flowers from my sweet hubby  Feeling very loved, for sure! But Valentine’s Day sweets need to be shared and […]

~ Fudgy Friday! Extra Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies!!!!

coco brownies final 2

~Fudgy Friday!  Extra Fudgy Coconut Oil Brownies!!!! It’s Friday wahoo!!!!!! Why does this short work week seem like it’s been really long? A big project, a tight deadline, little sleep…..hmmm. This calls for chocolate, immediately! This, my friends, is the Brownie that is going to change your life. BIG call, I know, but this is […]

~Throwback Thursday and National Chocolate Cake Day!!!

coconut bundt final 2

~Throwback Thursday and National Chocolate Cake Day!!! It’s Thursday in a short work week and I’m feeling hugely slightly pressed for time.  But yesterday was special with the Dancing Daughter starting her first year of 11/12 College at a new school.  It seems like only yesterday that it was Kindy And one of her favourite […]