I’m Lisa, a 40-something Celiac in Newcastle, NSW Australia but was raised in Oklahoma (long story).

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease nearly 18 years ago when there was nothing gluten free to choose from bar rice cakes and one loaf of brick weight gluten free bread from one particular health food store.  My oh my, how times have changed!  And while there are a plethora of products to choose from, I do not ever want to presented with another flourless orange almond cake.  I have nothing against orange almond cake, but it seems to be the one cake that is on offer most of the time.

Only a short time ago, my friends would joke about me using “the hot cooky thingy” in my kitchen and my wonderful husband asked me what I was doing one night when trying to cook dinner.  Cooking was NOT on my agenda! Until I decided to embrace my disease.

Enter a recipe in the Sunday newspaper for salt & pepper squid that just looked delicious and was made with cornflower. OMG I could so have that!  So in 2011 I experimented with this dish, served it to my husband and ravenous teenagers, and THEY LOVED IT!!  I had never had a reaction like that before.  And the obsessiveness began.

Now I have a new life that is filled with test kitchen madness.  I love cooking for my family and my work team who, after I had a week off, sent me messages to hurry up and come back……they had to resort to a bakery! Oh the horror.

So after amassing an inordinate number of recipes, gluten free information, and test cooking, I am hoping to share my interest and product recommendations with you all.  I wish you happy and healthy cooking!