~ Joyfulness, Weekend Breakfast and LAST CHANCE to WIN a Silpat Baking Mat!

~ Joyfulness, Weekend Breakfast and LAST CHANCE to WIN a

Silpat Baking Mat!

Joyfulness ~ 

The most amazing husband in the entire world.  I don’t deserve him but I am so grateful to have him ♥

2 great kids

2 sets of parents whom I love and love me back

An incredible but very small circle of friends…….those who REALLY have got my back!

Finding Failsafe eating

Sunshine on my face

Planning for the future

The last 36 hours have been, well, rough!  I’ve not felt well and consequently am going to miss out on a dinner with my kiddos tonight but we will be together, just at home.

However, in my quest to try new foods that I have previously rejected (such as the Brussel Sprout declaration), I recently tried cottage cheese.  I know my sweetie pie sister likes it so I gave it a go and…….I like it (hangs my head in shame for shunning it for so long!)  So my new favourite breakfast in the rotation, because I dearly love my fruit and cereal, is a PureBred English Muffin topped with poached organic pear and cottage cheese.  Throw in a steaming hot coffee, in a Grumpy from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, and you have easy perfection!

Picture 019

Picture 020

You have less than 24 hours to enter the Silpat Baking Mat Giveaway!!!


Simply follow the instructions in the competition below as well as leaving a comment on a post what your favourite cookie is, and it could be yours.  My Silpats are one of my favourite items in my kitchen so don’t miss out!

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