~ Celebrate Cinco de Mayo for Faux Foodie Friday (Taco Cupcakes!)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo for Faux Foodie Friday  (Taco Cupcakes!)

These are NOT what you think when you see the headline :)  I realised that I have blogged something all week for you (yay me!) but, of course, it had to be Mexican to bring it out of me ♥

I saw THESE cute cookies on Pinterest from She Knows

taco cookies

And had a package of THESE in my baking stash

taco cupcakes 2

And thought “how hard can it be?”

The answer?  Not hard but very tedious and labour intensive!  I don’t do detail well because it means going sloooooow which is something I struggle with.  But I thought these would be easier to shove into icing on a cupcake (everything tastes better that way, right?) rather than trying to get the cookies to set with chocolate.

This is what you will need:

1 x batch baked and cooled cupcakes
1 x package Glutino vanilla sandwich cookies (available at Coles)
1 x tub prepared White icing or homemade
1 x tub prepared Chocolate icing or homemade
Shredded coconut
Green food colouring
Small Red lollies or coloured round cupcake sprinkles
Orange candy melts or a couple of orange Starburst candies

Recipe based on cookies from She Knows

So I baked up a quick batch of feathery light sponge cupcakes and waited for them to cool.

taco cupcakes 1

Then I smothered them with white chocolate buttercream (since I can’t have vanilla on Failsafe)

taco cupcakes 4

And then carefully separated the Glutino cookies with a sharp knife.  Warning, Warning, Warning…..there were A LOT of casualties in this process so be prepared to use the whole package and save the broken ones for a base on a future magic cookie bar.  Rather than trying to cut the cookies it was easier to try to snap them in half with my hands to form the “taco shells”.  * note scrape off all the icing inside the cookies which I forgot and had to try to do later around the finished icing making this even more tedious!

taco cupcakes 3

Shove those halves into the icing making a taco shaped “shell” and pipe in some chocolate icing for the “meat”

taco cupcakes 5

taco cupcakes 6

Place the coconut into a measuring cup and add a couple of drops of green food colouring, stirring to combine fully (wear gloves!)

taco cupcakes 7

Add the “lettuce” to the tacos pressing down lightly before piping a small white icing line for the “sour cream”

taco cupcakes 8

taco cupcakes 9

Add your red toppers for the  ”tomatoes”

taco cupcakes 11

Finally, finely shave off parts of a few orange candy melts or thinly cut the Starburst for the “cheese” and add to the top of the tacos

taco cupcakes 12

Serve to friends for a Fiesta!  The effort is worth the wonderous looks you will receive for being SOOOO clever :)

taco cupcakes final

taco cupcakes cu final

taco cupcakes cu final 2