Happy Easter Slow Cooker Sunday, Maui (Mis) Adventures & Hard Rock Cafe Maui!

Happy Easter Slow Cooker Sunday, Maui (Mis) Adventures & Hard

Rock Cafe Maui!


Yesterday started off well with a walk with my beautiful daughter and we found some pretty blooms that were inspiring.

flowers 2

flowers 1

Then I needed to explain to Roy why his M & M’s had disappeared and of course that cheeky elf was right in the middle of it!

colin m n ms

We were headed off for the beach outside our resort today but the girls wanted to stand up paddle board.  After a stressful situaiont in transporting the boards and a small argument among our party, we stopped on the beach and this is what i had planned

beach cinnamon roll

However, the plan quickly disintegrated to very sore feet and ankles from walking for hours straight and tears because I LOST THE CAR KEY AT THE BEACH SOMEWHERE!!!!!

It took longer to sort things out with the rental car company than it did for our locksmith hero to come cut and then electronically key a new key.  Several hundred dollars, tears and many “sorry!”‘s later, we finally got the hired boards back and then came back to the resort where I had a 45 minute nap before getting ready for dinner…..the saving grace of the day!  The boys had a beverage before our departure just to quench their thirst :)


We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Maui (Nikki has never visited a HRC) and I need to tell you that, aside from Maui Brick Oven where everything is gluten free, this was the BEST gluten aware dining out experience I think I’ve ever had.  The Manager, Rob, actually came over and spoke with me about options and we did a “build your own” salad with grilled chicken.  However, a few minutes later he came back and said the chicken was marinated in soy sauce but they could substitute beef or shrimp.  Well it WAS good Friday and I was thinking about shrimp anyway so that was my choice!

The girls started with the spinach artichoke dip

dip hrc

Chelsea had the Mac n Cheese, Poppy had salmon, Roy had a burger, Nikki had Nachopaloosa

nachos hrc

Oh, and a milkshake that seemed to make the taste testing rounds!

milkshake hrc

milkshake 2 hrc

And my super delicious and totally failsafe salad!

salad hrc

A bit of dancing followed (Poppy is one smooth operator!)

dancing 3 hrc

dancing 1 hrc

dancing 2 hrc

And the girls hit the Rock Shop

chelsea nikki hrc

We celebrated Roy’s Birthday (AGAIN!)

roy hrc

And Nikki’s Sweet 16 :)

nikki hrc

Today for my RAoK I bought some Starbucks gift cards for people who have been so helpful at our resort.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy THIS recipe for Slow Cooker Sunday Ham for Easter, Christmas or any Sunday :)

xmas ham final

ham intro