Boxing Day in Noosa ~ A, B, C and an EASY elegant dessert for NYE!

A = Absolute Rest Day!

B = Noosa Beach

B = Boxing Day Shopping at Noosaville and Hastings Street in a civilised manner with my best girl rather than fighting with all the crazies at the sale

B = Boxing Day Test…..

C = Couch Potato (see above)

C = Christmas Leftovers

C = Chelsea ~ I spent the WHOLE day with my girl doing nice things.  The day started with a walk and sunrise over Noosa Sound

noosa morning

followed by breakfast at home of our favourite fruit and cereal (we are so weird…..all these selections and we miss our cereal), a beach session, then a wander around Noosaville where we found a C = CUTE tea room to visit on Saturday.  Lunch of a salad from Hard Coffee in Hastings Street that we took back to our apartment and doctored with our own touch.  This busy cafe has been great in catering to my dietary requirements without a problem, has good fresh food, and is a welcome alternative to the standard take away on offer in this food court.

Both of us girls had a beautiful 1/2 hour massage on the beach from Beach Massage Noosa and then we all had Christmas leftovers which were delicious.

We decided that Roy actually needed to leave the apartment after B = Boxing Day Test and C = Couch Potato so we wandered back for more Gelatissimo and then coffee and people watching at Aroma’s. Chelsea ordered a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake, which to this Southern Girl was susiciously like flourless chocolate cake, that was dry and tasteless so I returned it and she had Gelato as well :)

Jordan flew home today with Jem and our Lucy dog will be delivered home so she can have her creature comforts as she does fret on her Holiday (or respite since she is growing older!)

C = Commitment ~ For the past few weeks I’ve been talking about what 2014 will mean for me and have dubbed 2014 the year of LISA.  It may sound selfish but as my beautiful children are now growing up and well rounded people, I really feel I need to concentrate on getting myself in the right health and head space for 2014.  I have already booked to see an allergy specialist again as it has been 20 years since my Celiac diagnosis and I have developed a range of other oral allergies over that time.  My health is my number one priority at the moment as I eat like a horse and continue to lose weight (although I think my goal of 2-3 kg gain on this holiday will not be a problem given the amount of food, marshmallow Santa’s, taste tests and gelato I have consumed :) ).  I have also enrolled in a mindfulness and meditation course in order to focus and be present as well as cope with stressful situations.

I want to continue to practice gratitude and so was also thrilled with Chelsea discovered a cute little daily exercise book when we visited my favourite book store again today, Mary Ryan’s Books.  It was funny to then see my stars for the year mirroring my thoughts.


It should be an interesting exploration of myself for 2014 but I want to evolve more and focus on getting my health and head into a state of rest, joy, peace and acceptance.  No small feat but one that is a journey (hate that word after reality tv overload but appropriate here) rather than my standard mode of just GETTING to the destination.

One of the joys of my Blog and creating for Sweets of Style has been my growth in cooking skill and the fact that my friends and family are now all spoiled for tasty goodies.  My children and husband all try baked goods at cafes and such, like today, but Chelsea’s classic comment was, “With your baked goods, why would we bother?” ♥

One of the things I used to bring home from trips to Sydney for the six foot teenager was chocolate dipped strawberries from David Jones or the fresh fruit place in Darling Harbour.  After the last visit when they weren’t available and I saw MEGA strawberries on sale I wanted to make a quick batch to have in the fridge for snacks.   The verdict? “These are SO much better than the ones you bring home!”  WINNER and makes my heart happy ♥ These make a pretty and elegant addition to any table so why not serve with coffee to guests on New Years Eve?

Easy Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
1 punnet of LARGE strawberries
1 cup white or milk chocolate chips
1 tsp coconut oil

Microwave the chocolate chips with the coconut oil in 20 second bursts stirring in between until a smooth consistency is reached.

strawb 1

strawb 2

If the chocolate is not smooth, runny and glossy, stir in a small amount of more coconut oil.

straawb 3

Dip a strawberry to the leaves and let the excess run off back into the measuring cup.

strawb 4

strawb 6

Place on a baking paper lined tray and immediately decorate with chosen sprinkles.

strawb 7

If using different colour chocolate to decorate instead, let the bottom coat completely dry before drizzling with milk chocolate.

strawb 9

Refrigerate until ready to serve.   Easy peasy, delicious and looks fantastic!

strawb final

strawb final 2

strawb cu final

Happy Boxing Day everyone…..I hope you either were a Couch Potato or picked up loads of Bargains!



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