Christmas Eve post ~ The BEST Day of the Year!!!

You may remember last year I shared with you WHY Christmas Eve is the best day of the year <3.  It is my wedding anniversary with my best friend and soul mate, Roy Scully.

This year we have been lucky enough to have such a relaxing holiday and Christmas Eve was an absolute standout!!!

We started the day with breakfast in our apartment and fabulous take away coffee before I decided a taste test of Aroma’s gluten free offerings was in order and brought home a White Chocolate Raspberry Slice and a Chocolate Chip Muffin.

xmas eve taste test

Both were very moist, which can often be difficult with gluten free, but the taste factor was a little bland without much to differentiate from each other.

After the tastings, we headed down the boat ramp just behind our apartment to the jetty as Roy and Chelsea wanted to do some stand up paddle boarding.  I had not slept after our wonderful night out before so stayed on shore and dozed a bit in the sun.  They looked good out in the water and were paddling for an hour when the owner said they could stay out 10 more minutes.  However, the appearance of a stingray ensured that they both paddled back to the dock pretty quickly to disembark!

xmas paddle R

xmas paddle c

xmas eve paddle

I visited one of my favourite places in Noosa, Mary Ryan’s Bookstore, which I can lose hours in.  I am a book lover and this cute store is full of anything my heart would desire including gorgeous cards, diaries and bookmarks.  Another visit will definitely be on the cards before I leave.

xmas eve book

We had a low key lunch in the apartment where I opted for plain grilled chicken on a Purebred bun with salad and apple followed by 1/2 a gingerbread house.  Yes, I SAID 1/2 a gingerbread HOUSE!!!!! My STOP filter was turned off and my tummy wondered later why it hadn’t been invited to the party I seemed to want to have :)

xmas eve lunch 2

xmas eve lunch2

I started to get things together for Christmas Day food and have had to make shift so many things that the results should be interesting!  Colin decided to help me with the make shift bundt pan for the Monkey Bread.

xmas cinnamon helper

The evening consisted of what will now be on my top 5 dining experiences EVER!  My sister in law and her husband generously gave us a gift voucher for dinner at River Cottage Restaurant at Noosaville.


The four of us arrived to a beautiful setting and staff that were welcoming.  We were directed to a comfy booth/table at the window and given a drinks menu that was impressive and full.  I opted for an Appletini which was absolutely DIVINE!

river anniversary

river cheers

We also were given an entremet and Roy and the kids had a pork entremet and I had a scrumptious prawn.

river entremee

The others ordered home baked bread rolls and butter that Chelsea said was amazing 

river bread

before we all shared a delicious starter of pear, rocket and Parmesan salad and a cherry and bocconcini platter with balsamic on the side for dipping.

river starter

Our main dishes arrived and Roy had a delicious steak that cut like butter

river steak

The kids both had oven baked Gnocchi that they both RAVED about.  It was pillowy and obviously made with incredible skill.

river gnocci

I had a crispy skin barramundi on a bed of brocollini, sugar snap peas and zucchini which was simply amazing.

river barra

There was NO WAY we were going to miss out on dessert after such an amazing meal so Roy had Banoffee Pie which he said was superb

river banoffi

Chelsea had a Chocolate Fondant with home made Chocolate Chip Ice Cream that she said was the BEST she’s ever had

river fondant 1

river fondant 2

And I had a Raspberry Souffle with Ice Cream that was so delicious I felt as if I’d died and gone to HEAVEN!!!

river souffle

The finale was a steaming and strong coffee and a visit from the owner to make sure we had a good experience.

The River Cottage Restaurant is a fine dining experience that has IMPECCABLE service, style, food and atmosphere.  Prior to our arrival the chef was super willing to talk to me about my dietary requirements and nothing was a problem.  It was incredible and it was wonderful to share it not only with my amazing husband on our special night, but also with our fantastic children who both appreciated the food and the experience.  It was a full adult meal with adult conversation and it was so great to be able to share such an experience as a family and know that we all have had such an appreciation for our time spent together and this amazing restaurant.

river  cocktail

river cocktail J

It will be on our MUST DO list next time we come to Noosa.

The night finished with a family viewing of ELF before we retired so Santa might come.

I hope your Christmas and Christmas Eve have been joyous, full of love and happiness!