Our Christmas Day in Sunny Noosa ~ And Apple Wedges!

Christmas Day in Noosa was one of the lowest key we have ever had and BOY was it enjoyable!!!

I started the day with a sunrise walk with the dancing daughter while the boys slept (we are both still on Daylight savings while these weirdo Queenslanders don’t participate :) )  and we came back to the apartment only to find that Colin was on the ball last night looking after Santa because we had forgotten his cookies and milk!  Colin must have had an ELF ALERT to remember so we were grateful.

xmas colin cookies

While it’s not Christmas for me without Marshmallow Santa’s, for dear hubby it’s the Lindt Chocolate Umbrellas hanging from the tree which end up making up the bulk of breakfast snacking.  Santa found us even in the sunshine as our little tree was covered in Roy’s favourite Christmas morning chocolate treat.

xmas chocolate umbrellas

The makeshift cinnamon roll monkey bread made it into the oven

monkey bread 1

and when it came out it was the gooeiest, yummiest breakfast. Because I didn’t have my own kitchen the monkey bread pieces were bigger than I would like but it still tasted delicious!

xmas cinnamon 1

We opened gifts and I laughed at one tagged “To the sock stealer from Indian giver”.  Inside were these socks that Chelsea had purchased for herself earlier in the year and when I continuously complained that I should have them she gave them to me.

xmas socks

Her recollection is different to mine that she said I could borrow them.  Doesn’t matter know as I have my own :)

I also had a very nice letter from Santa signalling my imminent shopping trip in Honolulu to my favourite store on Earth……the oasis in the Ala Moana Centre, Jimmy Choo.

xmas jimmy

Chelsea was in charge of our lunchtime nibblies and did an amazing job with the spinach and artichoke dip that was ALL GONE when I cleared the table!

xmas nibbles 1

It was delicious and is now HER dish to make as it is much better than mine!

xmas spinach artichoke

We had peanuts, chips and salsa, crackers, cheese, french onion dip, hummus, and the scrumptious spinach and artichoke with a few chocolates thrown in to break it up :)

nibbles table final

We headed off to the beach for a bit of sun and surf before starting our late lunch/early dinner preparations.  We had a makeshift Christmas meal as I had one baking pan and very little to work with but it was still delicious.  A last minute menu change came about from Salt and Pepper Squid to Pretzel Chicken because we have consumed our own body weights in S & P Squid at the moment.

Roy needed his obligatory ham which I basted in honey and brown sugar

xmas ham

xmas ham final

And the dish that started IT ALL on my cooking adventures, Pretzel Chicken

xmas pretzel chicken final

The kids’ favourite request of potato bake (Which I’ve never had to make the sauce in a teapot before as we didn’t have a saucepan!)

xmas green bean

xmas potato bake

I also decided to do something different and make Apple Wedges rather than potato with Rick Grant’s Seasoning Mix.

xmas rick grant

I simply sliced the apples into wedges, put some seasoning in a sandwich bag and shook them to coat before popping them into a lightly sprayed foil baking tray.

apple chips 1

I turned them after about 20 minutes as there were 5 other dishes in the oven and they were brown and crispy on the bottom

xmas apple chips

These were delicious with dinner to break up the richness of all of our food!

apple chips final

Our table also included Green Bean Casserole and bread rolls and of course, the moans at the end of the meal, “I’m so full”.

xmas table final

That’s Christmas :)

Chelsea and I walked along the jetty to watch the boats at sunset and enjoy the festivities still happening along the riverfront.

jetty sunset

After a walk along Hastings Street we finished the day by watching Christmas Vacation on TV and had some Gelatissimo just to make sure our bellies were full.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful day :)