Frugal Friday ~ Sugar Free Icing Sugar!

There are some things I am now vowing to never buy again and they will form part of Frugal Friday.  Some of the items on the list include breadcrumbs (why?!), tortillas, and this lovely sugar free icing sugar.

This post is only possible due to the genius of the dancing daughter.  She is the one who found this method online and, while it is expensive to make your own sugar free icing sugar, it significantly reduces the calorie content of dishes requiring this delicious confection.  That leaves more room for chocolate chips and ice cream, right?!

For some reason I can’t find the photos of me making it in the unbelievably convenient and efficient Cuisinart mixer, but it is the easiest thing on the plant and produces real life icing sugar!  You can use real sugar as well as sugar substitute if you need icing sugar in a hurry!  Absolute genius!

All you need is 1 cup of sugar or sugar substitute like  Natvia, put it in the blender for about a minute (the sugar will “smoke” from the top and is normal) and voila!  Sugar Free Icing Sugar!

icing sugar 1

icing sugar 2

icing sugar 3

Use it in your favourite recipes,

icing sugar glaze

for beautiful frosting,

icing sugar final

or as a glaze.

icing sugar final 2

With results like this, why would you waste the calories on the real thing?

I won’t be here Saturday and Sunday as the dancing daughter and I are having a girlie weekend away.  We will check back in with you on Monday for a scrumptious Skillet Sunday/Meatless Monday Mexican inspired dish.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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