Road Test Tuesday ~ Gluten Free Expo and Jazz City Milk Bar {MEGA Giveaway!}

I previously shared the photos with you from the excursion that Chelsea and I had to Sydney for the Gluten Free Expo and then lunch at Jazz City Milk Bar. We were so happy and exhausted after such a huge day that I really had no words but today I’ll give you a run down on what we did, who we saw, what we ate, and the fun we had!!!

gf expo

We arrived at the Gluten Free Expo at Homebush just before the doors opened and we were each armed, after advice from a friend, with our $10 Danoz “old lady” pull type shopping trolleys. White with BIG pink polka dots, they are absolutely hideous but after filling both to the brim, as well as 2 x bags and then emptying and refilling one, I was grateful to have them with all the loot we came home with!

Saturday  9

Naturally Good Crunchy Muesli Cookies

Saturday  12
Our first stop, one we’ve never tried before, and one of our favourites on the day! We came home with 3 boxes of the cookies and love them because they are delicious but also packaged in snack pack sizes of 2 little cookies that are perfect for lunches and won’t go stale really quickly. These are fabulous!


We headed off to the Orgran table where I grabbed a couple of their brownie mixes that I do like to use but was disappointed that they didn’t have any of the Rico rice biscuits as I’ve used those in a recipe (that the photos have now been lost & I’ll have to re-make…… was so good it’s not a sacrifice but for the time again!). Orgran have so many products, though, that I understand how difficult it is to bring everything to such a show.

I stopped for a coffee to arm myself for all the taste testing and then we set off on an eating and purchasing tour. It’s difficult to remember all the stall holders but the ones of note I have detailed below.

Cookie Crazy
Super cute decorated cookies were at this stall in cupcakes, flowers, and other shapes. I asked Chelsea if she wanted one of these cuties but after tasting the samples her response was, “keep walking”. Not a rousing endorsement haha!

Gingerbread Folk

This was the best gluten free gingerbread I have E-V-E-R tasted you guys! It is incredible and I bought a gingerbread house to make in the lead up to Christmas. The owner was open and available to talk to and it was greatly appreciated as well as super tasty.

Kez’s Kitchen
ALWAYS a winner with their melting moments. I wasn’t going to have one, as they are completely addictive, but Chelsea had one so I needed to keep her company.

Dr. Schar

Saturday 12

I was super excited to see this stall as their products are good but difficult to source in Newcastle or the Central Coast sometimes conveniently, plus they are pretty pricey. I really wanted their gluten free Kit Kat copycat to make a Kit Kat cake so was happy to find them heavily discounted. I also bought yummo rosemary focaccia and some of their petit biscotti to make a dessert in the future that I’ll share with you :)  Plus my sister called when we were at this stall and I was eating my way across 2 tables…..I answered the phone not as hello but as “Can’t Talk – EATING!”


Saturday  13
I really really like their pasta and have used it several times on Road Test Tuesday for the blog. I did manage to purchase the alphabet pasta for my girl’s upcoming surgery recovery soup as well as their macaroni for attempt 167 at mac and cheese that meets my standards! I also bought the most scrumptious organic coconut spread that I will also share with you in a Road Test soon after I recover from my cookie dough fest!

Saturday  14

The Casalare team were generous enough to share some free goodies with me that I want to Road Test for you soon so stay tuned!!!!

Well and Good
One of my absolute favourite brands and their self rising flour and mud cake are my favourite choices of these products on the market (and I’ve tried almost ALL of them!) The wonderful people at Well and Good gave me a bag of their new flour to Road Test and I have just the recipe I want to try it with! I also purchased their mud cake mix to use for a special Reese’s peanut butter cup birthday cake for a birthday tomorrow!

Simply Wize
Remember when I made the Gnocchi Soup? I was one of 10 finalists for the Simply Wize Gluten Free Guru contest which, unfortunately I didn’t win, but the recipe was still yummo. I stopped at their stall and let them know I loved their gnocchi and a free pack came home with me. Thanks Simply Wize!

Country Life Bakery
I do really like their bread and with the loaves heavily discounted I came home with a loaf of white that is thicker cut than my usual Purebred, is very soft, and makes an excellent sandwich that doesn’t need toasting!

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies
One of the NICEST people at the Expo!!! I got to talk with Melinda and I came away with some new Gingerbread mix that I want to Road Test plus I can make it into my cake mix cookies as well….mmmmm. In case you have forgotten, I was on a bit of a gingerbread KICK last Christmas and think it’s been quite some time since we had magic cookie bars. How good will gingerbread magic cookie bars be?! Stay tuned!

Bob’s Red Mill
You guys know this is one of my favourite brands and is even part of my current giveaway, BUT, they didn’t have very many products and many I wanted were not there, plus the woman on the stall was not exactly rude, but she certainly was not friendly and was even quite narky to me. I hate to say it but, Bob’s, there are LOTS of other players on the market and I think I won’t be purchasing again for a while until I get over my irritation with the way I was treated. It’s nothing I can put my finger on but both Chelsea and I felt she was not the most pleasant person and you can’t afford to be that way in an expo environment! Plus the shortbread cookie mix I bought we tried to use last week and it ended up in the bin as it was DISGUSTING!

Well, this was such a surprise as I know this brand is HUGE in the US so when I saw they had reasonably priced gluten free Oreo style cookies AND Pop Tart clone Toaster Pastries I nearly had a meltdown from excitement!!!!

pop tarts

I came home with 3 packages of each and am thrilled to hear that Coles will be carrying their products. I’m hoping they have their cereals and bars as well as the bars that are similar to K Time are really delicious!!!!

After a few hours at the Expo we did some speed shopping at the DFO outlet and when I say speed shopping, I mean SPEED shopping!

Saturday  15

We hit the rounds and despite thinking we might have another go later, we did all that we needed, were a little disappointed with the shops and renovations, but still managed to grab some items for upcoming Christmas gifts and some things that were on Chelsea’s wish list.

Then we headed off to Darlinghurst to hit Jazz City Milk Bar and we were SOOOOO excited.

Saturday  4

Saturday  5

This is tucked away in a small courtyard and I was lucky enough to have emailed with the chef, Dan McGuirt  about my gluten issues and he GRACIOUSLY came down from his other restaurant, Jazz City Diner, to prepare gluten free chicken and waffles for me.

Saturday  6

We had a wonderful conversation about the restaurants, upcoming plans that he has at Coogee, and his provenance from Michigan. Come to find out that his parents are from a small town in none other than Oklahoma where a black rodeo is held each year and he remembers travelling by car each year to attend.

Chelsea and I shared some AH-MAZ-ING onion rings that tasted like the ones I had as a child at Pennington’s drive-in in Tulsa.

Sat  3

Even as a kid I loved their Shrimp Basket and onion rings! They briefly re-opened a diner in Tulsa but, sadly, I don’t think it’s around any longer either. As you can tell, we didn’t enjoy the onion rings at all :) They are now officially my favourite restaurant “ring”. Then came the main event of the chicken and waffles.

Sat 2

Guys, my gluten free waffle was the lightest, fluffiest, most delicious waffle I have EVER had! The chicken was deliciously coated and not greasy and came served some wilted spinach under the chicken as well as melted butter and syrup on the side. The classic line came from Chelsea who said, “I didn’t think this flavour combination would work but it SO does!”  See what was left??!

sat 1

Make the trip to this cute little diner for this meal alone!!

Saturday 1

We were ogling the pies and decided to try the chocolate pecan pie where I ate around the pastry and did have a few bites as well as some ice cream on the side. This was NOT a good move for my stomach but was a delicious move for my taste buds.

Saturday  7

Chelsea had chosen the dessert and said that she didn’t think she like pecan pie but I told her she didn’t like MY pecan pie and, after tasting Jazz City’s pie, I don’t like mine either LOL! I’ll be making a Fake Out Friday of this version without a doubt once Chelsea recovers from her surgery to eat it!

We grabbed a mac and cheese to take home for the six foot teenager and, in a food stupor, thanked the staff and headed home.

Saturday  8

We had such a wonderful day!!!!

Road Test Tuesday Ratings:
Gluten Free Expo 9/10 – great stalls but I would like to see even more vendors next year
Jazz City Milk Bar – 10/10 – gracious chef, DIVINE food, super cute atmosphere. Check the opening hours and do yourself a favour and get there!
Company of the Dancing Daughter – 100/10! I enjoy being with my girl so much and am grateful for the special times we get to spend together ♥

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