Faux Foodie Friday ~ Candy Cane Choc Cookie Bars

peppermint cu2

Last week I was talking to my sweetie pie sister and she asked me if the six foot teenager’s favourite treat was a brownie.  How did you know?  I asked.  We had a laugh once I realised that the majority of the Faux Foodie posts revolve around THE brownie.  It’s true, we love those sweet […]

Christmas Countdown ~ Cranberry Cream Cheese Cake

cran cream cheese final

There is only one full day left in November…….OMG I’m not organised for Christmas yet!  Usually I am well in front with shopping, wrapping, decorating and planning but, this year, I seem to not be able to get ahead and think maybe I need to reassess everything that is on my plate.   You can’t […]

Mid Week Makeover ~ Skinny Ham & Cheese Pie!

skinny pie 4

The super swine I made in the slow cooker was a big hit and has now been “Christmas approved.”   Even better news since I had confirmation yesterday that our house will indeed be the venue for Christmas lunch with all the outlaws this year.    I really do love having everyone at our house […]

Road Test Tuesday – Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals……

JO dumpling final

I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s new show online while I’m on the treadmill and was intrigued with a number of the recipes.   Jamie certainly has some interesting ideas that have appealing ingredients and most of the demonstrations are shown with a calorie counter and lower fat options.   It’s a bonus that they purport […]

Muffin Monday ~ A Healthier Chocolate Muffin

hg final

Clearly I have an unhealthy obsession with cake for breakfast.  I certainly have reduced the propensity to eat breakfast straight from the cake plate, but the acceptable cake for breakfast, chocolate muffins, are still very much a Saturday morning favourite with my family. I used to take the easy way out and buy these mega […]

Slow Cooker Sunday ~ Salisbury Steak

salibury final

Before I started Sweets of Style I asked the question on Facebook…..”Does anyone remember these TV dinners?” These were a standard Saturday night meal when I was very young and when my parents would go out, leaving me with a babysitter, the Muppets and a TV dinner.   I liked the one with the brownie […]

(Late) Faux Foodie Friday/Weekend Breakfast ~ Toaster Treat for you Tummy!

pop tarts final2

I didn’t get here yesterday because I was at my beautiful girl’s dance concert.  She performed so well and it simply was joyous to see her growth in her chosen field of contemporary dance.  Chelsea received the school award for Most Improved Dancer and, I can say, her progress has simply been astounding.  I know […]

Proud dance Mum :)

Faux Foodie Friday will have to keep until tomorrow! We are still at the Dance concert so see you all tomorrow with a combination Faux Foodie & special weekend breakfast xxx

Giving Thanks……

pumpkin lamington final

It is Thanksgiving in America and so begins my annual month long decline into feeling sorry for myself and general emotional wrecked state.   Last year I escaped the malaise as our family was preparing to travel to Oklahoma for a big family Christmas. But still, after 20 years, having a hot Christmas to me […]

Mid Week Makeover ~ Ole!

southwest final

Remember those incredibly awesome Red Beans and Rice I made in the slow cooker a few weeks ago?   I wish I could tell you there were leftovers from that batch, but, there was less than a serving left from the THIRD batch that I made   No sooner had I packed away the leftovers […]