Road Test Tuesday – Schar Baguette

Schar gluten free products are imported from Europe and label themselves as the most popular gf products on that continent.   It can be a struggle reading the labels and the products are generally much more expensive than other products available in the supermarket or health food stores.   Some of their products are worth the additional cost, such as their oreo type cookies and the “Sardi” crackers that are close to Ritz.   So when I needed a baguette type bread, and had already cooked three courses for a dinner party and simply ran out of time to make my own baguette, I decided to grab this from our local health food store.

The package is 350 grams and has two long baguette loaves that are separately packaged which is a plus if you only want to use one and save or freeze the other.   The package says to toast lightly to enhance the flavour but, sadly, even wrapping this loaf in foil and placing in the oven with other aromatic flavours did not help the texture of this loaf.   For $10 for both loaves I really was expecting more from Schar but was disappointed in this product.

The colour is nice but the overall texture is not dense or crunchy enough to resemble a gluntious baguette which is ironic since most gf breads are denser than the traditional loaves.   The texture was cake like and the crust was not enjoyable in the least bit.   This is not a product I would recommend particularly as I have tried bread mixes that produce a greater flavour and texture.   I am hoping to bake this up again and test in the next few weeks so stay tuned for another Road Test Tuesday that features bread.

Schar Baguette Overall Rating – 4/10

The purchase was not a complete waste, however, as the second loaf was made-over into another recipe that will be featured on the site by a guest blogger in the next few days.   The guest blogger is special to me even if the Schar baguette was not :)  
The giveway will be drawn THIS SATURDAY November 3 by random number generator as I simply can’t stand the suspense any longer :)
I have a baking pack to give away that includes a Melinda’s brownie mix, a Melinda’s lemon bar mix, a brownie pan, a super cute potholder and a matching apron.

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