And a thumbs up to a Darby Street stalwart!

I love breakfast.  No,   I mean I really love breakfast!

I do tend to eat a lot during the day and usually have something like soup or salad most nights.  I guess I subscribe to the upside down triangle style of eating and I have never understood people who don’t eat breakfast.  I simply do not understand how (a)  they can go that long without food and,   (b) how they can stand to miss out on the number of breakfast options every morning.

This morning I had breakfast with my direct reports at work to finalise a work Action Plan and also because they had a big achievement two weeks ago.   I am hugely competitive and set down a challenge that not only produced amusing “sledging” between the competitive members of my management team, but also produced a great result in an administrative task that is a burden every week.

We had breakfast at Longbench on Darby Street which is one of my favourite places to eat.  The staff are fantastic and I was really pleased to see Jess there this morning who is always a pleasure but informed me she now works two days a week to concentrate on Uni.  The chef caters for gluten free and this morning I had my staple of an egg white omlette with mushroom, spinach and tomato and gluten free toast.  

It was super delicious and I know I can eat here without fear.  The coffee is also strong so double thumbs up.   (and yes I am aware that this breakfast looks suspiciously similar to my previous  review.  What can I say? I know what I like!)

You can find Longbench at their website or on Facebook.


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