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There are certainly a very large number of “Gluten Free” products readily available today that make life so much easier when dealing with Celiac’s Disease or gluten intolerance. When I was diagnosed nearly two decades ago there was virtually nothing commercially available. The exceptions were the rice cake standby and a loaf of sunflower bread at a local health food shop that was ok for toast but you would never want to eat it in a sandwich! Things have certainly changed from the gluten free front with supermarkets dedicating sections to all things GF.

But, just because it is labelled gluten free doesn’t mean it will taste good! We have all experienced GF food that can only be called akin to cardboard. Some of today’s products are not much better so trial and error for selection is definitely needed. However, if you are eating GF you would realise that it is not an inexpensive exercise with most products much more expensive than their glutinous cousins!

So today I am road testing a product for you and in the coming Tuesday reviews, you will no doubt get the good, the bad, and the ugly! For the first Road Test Tuesday, though, I have good news for you!

Livwell Bread Rolls ($8 for a pack of 4)
I do like to make my own bread rolls. But I don’t eat them that often so when a batch turns out a good six large rolls, I tend to freeze five of them, wait until they develop frost bite, and then toss them. NOT GOOD when the GF ingredients are expensive and I’ve forgotten about them in the freezer.

So when I saw the Livwell bread rolls at Coles supermarkets with a very long shelf life, I was keen to try them. Plus they come in four individually sealed rolls so I don’t even have to freeze one of them if I only want to eat one now! So I was ready to test and armed with the ingredients for my yummy creation which included a side cup of pumpkin soup.

I started by cutting a lovely Pink Lady apple and grilling it in a grill pan.While my apple was grilling I opened one of the Livwell rolls.   The packaging says to refresh the roll in the microwave for 10-15 seconds which I did before cutting.  Once the apples were grilled I layered them between a slice of low fat Jalsberg cheese and popped the open roll under the griller in the oven.

Only a couple of minutes later I had a delicious sandwich ready to eat. I added a little bit of wholegrain mustard and served with my pumpkin soup.  

VERDICT: The roll was very good if not a bit light. It was not as good as a home made version fresh from the oven, but the ease and convenience far outweigh any negatives for this product. This is certainly one I would place on the “thumbs up” list. I am excited to try their other products including the GF pita bread which is also available at Coles, and the GF English muffins and crumpets which are available at my favourite gluten free source,  Sunnybrook Health Store (oh how I’ve missed English muffins!)

So order these rolls with confidence that they are tasty and, with the individual packaging, value for money with a three month long shelf life.

Don’t forget our GIVEAWAY!!! I have a baking pack to give away that includes a Melinda’s brownie mix, a Melinda’s lemon bar mix, a brownie pan, a super cute potholder and a matching apron.

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