Frightfully Delicious

halloween final

Halloween was a big deal in my house when I was growing up.  Each year I had a great costume including one year as Pippi Longstocking (a wire hanger over my head and plaits straight out) and another as a gridiron football player.    My family visited a family friends’ real life mansion type house that […]

And a thumbs up to a Darby Street stalwart!


I love breakfast.  No,   I mean I really love breakfast! I do tend to eat a lot during the day and usually have something like soup or salad most nights.  I guess I subscribe to the upside down triangle style of eating and I have never understood people who don’t eat breakfast.  I simply do […]

Road Test Tuesday – Schar Baguette

baguette final

Schar gluten free products are imported from Europe and label themselves as the most popular gf products on that continent.   It can be a struggle reading the labels and the products are generally much more expensive than other products available in the supermarket or health food stores.   Some of their products are worth […]

Muffin Monday – Plain Jane Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin muffins final

Public Service Announcement - There was a camera (operator) malfunction and these photos did not come out.  You got the finished product though which, I reckon, is the most important part! Sometimes you don’t want to be fancy.   Sometimes you just want something that is comforting.   Sometimes you can’t beat deliciously simple. Sometimes you […]

Slow Cooker Sunday – Cola Chicken (a family favourite)

cola chicken final

It seems I spend the entire weekend running around like an absolute lunatic trying to get everything sorted for the week to come including cooking, cooking, cooking, cleaning, cooking, laundry, cooking, ironing etc. But by Sunday afternoon I’m usually just about exhausted and the slow cooker has become my Sunday serenity. Remember when I didn’t […]

Looking for Gluten Free tips and advice?


There are LOTS of websites out there that can seem completely overwhelming when dealing with a gluten free diet.  Trial and error occur until you find what is right for you.  But I have also found that it doesn’t work indefinitely and changes are necessary in the course of any life to adapt and feel well. […]

Faux Foodie Friday

banana bread final

What fruit does Beethoven love? BA NA NA NA (groan!). Ok, sorry about that. That was TOTALLY a “Dad joke” and, yes, it has been told hundreds of times by my own Father. My Dad even has the “Dad Joke Book” for which we have my little brother to blame.   Bananas are such a […]

Who are you calling (a) tart?…..


I love love love to try out variations of recipes that I’ve made successfully and snacks are a HUGE part of our household with teenagers and friends.  And the granola bars I made previously were a big hit.  But I like something that is not so sweet for a granola type snack and am currently […]


choc torte intro

  I feel like a grown up (it’s only taken 40+ years). Why?  Because my Mother, who is a great cook but doesn’t really enjoy cooking, asked ME for baking advice!!!!!! I feel so special. Here’s a picture of us at Christmas 2011.   It was so wonderful to have Christmas with my family and […]

Road Test Tuesday…….


Take a look at the Sweets of Style facelift!!! The new site theme has been loaded and I’m just as pleased as punch. More features are still to be added including the print function so stay tuned! There are certainly a very large number of “Gluten Free” products readily available today that make life so […]