corndog final

There are lots of things I miss about Oklahoma. My family, Sonic, my friends, Sonic, my family, Sonic, Queenie’s, Sonic, my family, friends and……yep, Sonic.   It amazes me how, after 20 years in Australia, the lure of fried food is so strong as soon as we get off the plane. Each and every time […]

Mmmmmmm pizza……

suffed crust final

Disclaimer   – these pizzas were made for my family, not me :0) I’ve already featured my fave pumpkin based gf pizza here, which I made again last night. I even made one stuffed crust that was VERY well received!! All in all I made stuffed crust cheese lovers, Hawaiian, ricotta based chicken and spinach, […]

Southern Sunday Special……

Picture 361

It always amazes me how certain things can trigger a long forgotten memory…..a smell, a taste, a word, a photo, browsing on eBay. Browsing on eBay? I’m sure myself and my husband are not the only Gen X’ers reliving their childhood by eBay discoveries! When I was a little girl, my Mom had a waffle […]

My current obsession……

cornbread waffle final

My new waffle iron!!!!  Recipe tomorrow

You spin me right ’round, Baby……


Some of you may remember my surrender to Celiac and my declaration that I will NOT partake in foods that make me sick. You may also remember that only a few weeks after publicly declaring my guarantee to my gut that I had a complete and utter meltdown in a shopping centre because I wanted […]

2 hours, 30 donuts, and 1 almighty mess……


More recipes coming up this week……stay tuned!

Got Beef?

meat loaf final

Every family should have a good meatloaf recipe…….ironic that I say this since I haven’t eaten beef, in 14 years! The upcoming holiday season has always proved a bit tricky for me as, even as a child, I hated turkey and ham. I was always completely grossed out when I would come home from school […]

It’s not only in America……

pb bars final1

Rationalisation.  We all try to do it with ourselves (some more than others). When I was in High School, I worked in the drive through at Burger King with my best buddy, Vicki. We had a BALL and truly laughed ourselves silly working together (and shoving free cheeseburgers in our mouths). But what used to […]

While the cat’s away……

pb hummus2

I don’t like fish.  Prawns, lobster and salt & pepper squid from the Junction Hotel are my limits.  But fish, NOPE!  The joke at work is that while I’m out of the office, everyone has canned tuna or salmon and leaves the cans in my office.  Gross! But, there are certain foods that certain people […]

Gratitude for new beginnings……


I love spring. It is a visible delight as the flowers start to bloom and the grass greens right before our eyes. It gives us new hope and a fresh start. Spring cleaning is aptly named and I find spring cleaning for the home but for the mind is often required. Each of us has […]