The Simplest Soup…..EVER!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am always cold. So it is no surprise that my hands can often be a lovely shade of red from any cold or blistering white if I’m having a Raynaud’s attack. But, purple? “What is wrong with your hands, Mum?” Nothing, just been making dinner!

When I stumbled upon purple carrots not too long ago I was intrigued. I like carrots but they can be, well, a bit meh????? Not a lot of flavour which is why the recipes I do like call for some sort of brown sugary or orange-y glaze. But the fruiter assured me that purple carrots were naturally sweet and, having just taken his word on parsnip, I decided to give them a whirl and introduced them to my total veg soup. But I wasn’t satisfied with that and decided to go the whole purple parade. This soup is the simplest soup you will ever make, is different, and super delicious. Just don’t forget to wear disposable gloves when you handle the carrots!

Purple Carrot, Apple and Ginger Soup
2 kg of purple carrots
1 kg of orange carrots
Stock pot of water
Ground ginger
Either shredded apple or prepared, sugar and fat free baked apple chunks (recipe below)
Low fat vanilla yogurt to taste

Seriously, this is so simple……Chop up the carrots into manageable rings. Put the carrots in a big pot and cover with water. Boil, boil, boil and check the water level. Once the carrots are tender (it takes a LONG time unless you pop them in the microwave in a covered dish for 10 minutes first. It does help the process), drain away some of the water but be careful as the purple water does stain.

Use a stick blender to desired consistency. Stir through about ½-1 teaspoon of ginger to your desired taste. If you opt for shredded apple, shred in the food processor and microwave for about 4 minutes. Add either the shredded or baked apple and a small dollop of yogurt to your soup bowls just before you serve. It’s delicious with a gf roll or toast!

Baked Apple
I ALWAYS have a large container of baked fruit in the fridge at our house (usually both pears and apple). My $6 Kmart round glass baking dish with lid is perfect for this as I just chop the fruit and season with cinnamon. The lid goes on the baking dish and into the microwave for about 10 minutes and then stir. Microwave until almost desired tenderness and pop in an 180 oven to brown them nicely. Perfect in this soup or for a quick dessert with a scoop of gf ice cream or a fake streudel topping of granola!


  1. GK says:

    Oh… yum! Soups are my all-time favourite food and this one looks spectacular as well as being a taste sensation. I love ginger and its influence in this masterpiece makes my mouth water. I just can’t wait to try this one!!!!


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