Giving Thanks


It’s been a rough couple of weeks but instead of cooking today, I took some time out to have lunch with a friend and then received an unexpected delivery from my parents. They knew EXACTLY what I needed today from the other side if the globe, for which I am so grateful.

Instead of food, today’s post is about gratitude.

I am grateful for my family! I have the most amazing husband who has been nothing short of stellar in my recovery as well as each day of our lives together (I did travel ½ way across the world to find him). My life is full with fantastic kids, an incredible Mom and Step-Father who have nurtured and supported my spirit in every step of my life, a relationship with my Father that is mature and loving, a best friend sister that I love and miss so much, both a sister and a brother in this country that I’m blessed to have in my life as they are wonderful and warm GOOD people, incredibly supportive friends and workmates, and day full of warmth and the sun is shining.

Those who know me well will know that Lent this year was quite an experience in undertaking a random act of kindness or expressing gratitude each day. It’s time to pull it out and remember to be grateful for something every day. Give thanks for something and I’m sure some days it may be just for breathing in and out! I have much to be thankful for :)


  1. GK says:

    Much of what you have to be thankful for is purely a result of your own emotional investment in those around you. One does not have a beautiful family and network of loving friends without the giving of much love and nurturing yourself. We reap what we sow.