Necessity is the Mother of all invention……

gf cookie bars final

Or is that lack of organisation is the Mother of all invention? I rarely follow recipes which can sometime have quite disastrous consequences. Couple that with an OCD mind that is hell bent on making something with particular ingredients and the kitchen can look like a science experiment exploded on the bench top. Yesterday was […]

The Simplest Soup…..EVER!

purple carrot soup final

As I’ve mentioned before, I am always cold. So it is no surprise that my hands can often be a lovely shade of red from any cold or blistering white if I’m having a Raynaud’s attack. But, purple? “What is wrong with your hands, Mum?” Nothing, just been making dinner! When I stumbled upon purple […]


I hope it works!!!! I’ll let you know tomorrow

Giving Thanks

flower delivery

  It’s been a rough couple of weeks but instead of cooking today, I took some time out to have lunch with a friend and then received an unexpected delivery from my parents. They knew EXACTLY what I needed today from the other side if the globe, for which I am so grateful. Instead of […]

How Swede it is…..

swede crisps final

27 August 2012 Bad, bad play on words, but, hey! You do what you can? (You’re totally singing it now, aren’t you?) Swede?  I’ve broken up with potatoes. For some reason, they simply do NOT appeal to me any more. I used to love me a baked spud stuffed with cheese and coleslaw but I […]

Fake it ’till you make it!

Faker coffee cake muffins2

26 August 2012 I love baking for work. I have an awesome team who really deserve treats and, often, the only meals we get are at our desks. So when I had a week off, it didn’t surprise me that I got two SOS messages to hurry back as they had to resort to store […]

It feels like summer……


So I really can’t say, “Baby, it’s cold outside”.  But, soup is one of my go-to recipes at least once a week.  I can’t help making up a big pot to portion and stash in the fridge and freezer for easy dinners after a long day or nights of ballet or Pilates.  Because I’m always […]

A Better Bar

oatmeal chip bars

While my first attempt at GF snack bars tasted delicious, the presentation was lacking and variety is the spice of life, right?  What could be better than an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in a gluten free healthy package?  Adding a cup of cranberry zinger tea and calling it a morning! GF “Oatmeal” Choc Chip Snack […]

A Pumpkin Problem

pumpkin relish final

I tend to get on a food “kick” and no amount of cajoling will make me deviate.  Is there a 12 step program for pumpkin?  I have needed it for about the past 18 months if there is!  But what do you do when the lovely butternut reaches $6 a kilo? You are extremely grateful […]

RPSCA Cupcake Day!

L to R - GF Double Choc, GF Lemon, M&M Vanilla, Oreo, Peanut Butter Chocolate Overload, Red Velvet, Triple Choc (not pictured.....feels like yearbook! - Cake Pops)

No recipe for today…..just a showcase of the cupcakes I created for sale at work for this wonderful cause.  I’m hoping they all sell today and will provide the RSPCA with a little contribution to fundraising